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At this time we offer the Self Guided Experience 🚲🚲🚲
(Tour without a guide) which is the most requested !!!

💲Price: Single rate $ 1800 arg per person

Our service includes:
* Bicycle 🚲
* Helmet ⛑️
* Physical map and Digital Map🗺️ (Scheme with all points of interest).
* Mechanical assistance🔧 (During the entire route) and Medical assistance 🏥 (Protected Area) within the route of our map.
* Management of reservations in the wineries for tour and tasting 🚲🍷

✳️The benefit of renting with us is that you have (*):
🍷 Tempus Alba Winery FREE self-guided tour with posters (does not include tasting)
🍷 Tempus Alba Winery 15% discount on the Tasting
🍷 Bodega La Rural with the payment of the tour, at the end the ticket is exchanged for wine
🍷 Bodega Mevi ride through the vineyard, the olive trees and its imposing landscape by bike for FREE
🍷 Bodega Trapiche 20% discount (list price) on purchase of a bottle of wine and 40% discount on purchase per box of wine in the winery’s Gif Shop
🍷 “Vineyards less than 1 km from our base”
🍷 Discounts in wineries for the purchase of wine
🍷 “Unbeatable promotions when buying wine at our store” (selected labels)
🍷 “The best service, the best experience in the Wine Roads”

By doing the tour alone, without a guide, it allows them to go at their own pace, managing your times and enjoying the tour according to your liking!

➡️ 📆 Days of attention: Monday to Saturday

➡️ 🕜 Bike pick-up: From 10am to 3pm (at our premises, without exception).

➡️ 🕜 * Return of bikes: * Until 6:00 p.m. (in our premises, without exception).

We have urban bikes and MTB, Rodado 26

Wineries and Restaurants

Bodega Trapiche

Bodega Trapiche

Antique, famous and Premium
Monday to Sunday
Tour and tasting in Spanish

4 premium glasses of wines starting on $1800 ARS

Tour in English $2700 ARS


Bodega La Rural

Bodega La Rural - Museo del Vino

Monday to Saturday
Tour and tasting: 2 glasses of wine starting on $1050 ARS
( At the end you can exchange the voucher for bottles of wine )

Bodega Domiciano

Bodega Domiciano

Boutique and familiar
Monday to Saturday
Tour and tasting: 3 glasses of wine from $700 ARS

Bodega Alandes

Bodega Alandes

Karim Mussi Cava
Monday to Saturday
Tour and tasting: 5 premium glasses of winw $2200 ARS

Bodega Mevi

Bodega Mevi

Modern, boutique, family owned
Monday to Saturday
Tasting 3 wines from $500

Bodega Tempus Alba

Bodega Tempus Alba

Monday to Saturday
Self guided tour (free)
Tasting 3 glasses of wine from $550

Bodega Viña el Cerno

Bodega Viña el Cerno

Family owned, crafted, Antique
Monday to Saturday

Tour and tasting $600

Only with reservation


Olive oil tasting - La Melesca

Olive Oil Tasting - La Melesca

Olive Oil Tasting
Wednesday to Sunday
Restaurant – Olive oil tasting

Reservation at http://wa.me/5492615013697



Restaurant for lunch
“Only with reservation”
Bodega Domiciano http://wa.me/5492616137503
Bodega Tempus Alba http://tempusalba.com/Reservas/formulario
La Melesca http://wa.me/5492615013697
Casa de Campo http://wa.me/5492613635196
Bodega Mevi https://sites.google.com/view/bodegamevi/inicio
Espacio Trapiche http://espacio-trapiche.meitre.com
Estacion 83 http://estacion83.meitre.com

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How to get there

From Rioja and Catamarca Street

Express bus
816 (Minibus)
25 to 30 min ride
$45 ARS each person

Regular bus:
45 to 50 min ride
$25 each person

1st Take the metrotranvia and get off at the last stop “Estación Gutiérrez”
2nd Take 812 bus , in 8 minutes you will be in our bike rental, passing by the Coquimbito roundabout, just in front of the YPF gas station.
1:20 hs ride
$25 each person

Our adress is Urquiza 2439, Maipú, you can just find us in the app as “Maipú Bikes”


Legal age to rent and ID (Passport or drivers licence)

Is not mandatory, but convenient, for you to make sure to have an available bike.
-Due to COVID, is necessary to book the wineries in advance, they have limited amount of people allowed.-

No, we have flat-rate price, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Yes, during the whole ride. You have to call us and we´ll be there immediately.

Yes, you have to respect all te specific and general rules established by the law in Mendoza and Argentina.

Yes, you can only rent a bike until 3pm, by legal dispositions.

In every winery for tour and tasting it takes around 1 hour.
You can normally visit 3 or 4 wineries, the minimum is 4 hs for that amount of wineries.

No. All the bikes have you be back in our store, and withdraw the ID that you left at the beginning.

Yes, we do. This tours are designed for groups . Ask for a Budget!
We also offer special activities as “ Sunset Bike Ride “ , ask availability, cost and dates.

Yes we do, for children until 5 years old.

They have special spots designed for that.

Yes we do, through “Mercadopago”

Yes it is. If you respect transit rules and recommendations.
The area is under UPAT ( Turistical Assistance Police ).
YWe don´t recommend , go outside of the area that we indicate as “Safe”

  • Do not leave the tourist area specified on the map that we gave you.
  • Do not put bags or valuables on the bike baskets.
  • Wear the helmet (mandatory by law).
  • If you use online or offline maps ( Google maps, maps.me, etc ) allways ask us in advance aboute the safest route.
  • Don´t stop in lonely places.
  • Valuables such us cameras, cellphones or tablets , don´t show them in plane sight of people.
  • Be especially careful with traffic.
  • Iit is forbidden to drive the bicycle under the effects of alcohol.
  • Always take care of your belongings.

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